About Us

Our company was created by husband and wife duo Robert and Shakira, who takes pride in what goes on the biggest organ of your body: THE SKIN! Our goal is to help our community transition into a holistic lifestyle of chemical free, natural, quality products that affect our overall being.  

Growing up in Caribbean households, we were exposed to many natural herbs and supplements to combat ANY ailment. From skin rashes, bad coughs, or bug bites, our parents knew a concoction to mix up for us. We were introduced to growing aloe vera, basil and thyme to name a few and learned how to use these ingredients to formulate products that actually work. 


Shakira, the lead researcher and formulator has a Bachelor's degree in Human Biology and a Master's degree in Education with a concentration in the Sciences. She is a few steps away from completing her dissertation and earning a Doctoral degree. Shakira has been working in the science field for 11 years and it is safe to say she knows her stuff! 


Shakira and Robert traveled to countries in Africa, Asia and the West Indies to research alternative medicinal practices to heal the body from the outside in. Our products include ingredients such as shea butter from Benin, bamboo from China and moringa from Antigua.   

Our products feature natural, premium ingredients. We specialize in herbal infusions and utilizing different plants to create natural skincare and body care products. Our products are detergent free, dye free, paraben free and we have many vegan options available.