Grants for Small Businesses: July Edition

July Grants

Okay there is money out there to help grow our businesses for the FREE, but it requires some work. Each grant has different deadlines and requirements. Some are 1 minute applications and some are longer but I got yall!! 

Tip: Keep a running list of your responses so you can reuse them for different applications. Make sure to answer the questions carefully, PROOFREAD and have your business properly set up (yes they check everything). Start with the application that has a deadline and then work on the rolling date applications. Grants that give more money require more work such as submitting a video, but hey if that’s all they want for thousands of dollars in funding with having to pay it back, why not?!

If you did not take our Business Set Up Course where we work on the legitimization of your business and touch even further on how to WIN grants, this class is for you. Like seriously, you need this 3 hours of transformation okayyy?!

Have questions about funding: shhhh!!! I haven’t announced yet but I reopened slots for Business Consultations. Not only do I want to provide you with amazing products, but I want to help you grow the business of your dreams. 

July Pitch Competitions

  1. Aveeno Startup Collective Grant: $25K Due Date  8/13/25 (this is a major opportunity- look into it)


  1. Rooted In Growth Grant and Mentorship Program: $25k Due Date July 14th- (7 min app)

Link : 

July Standard Grants

  1. SOGAL Black Founder Start Up Grant : $10K (1 minute app)- rolling enrollment 


  1. Atomic Grants: $1500K Due July 20 (simple application)


  1. Small Business Growth Grant (Hello Alice): 5K-25K- July 21st


  1. The Freed Fellowship: $500 Rolling due date (2 minute application)


Ready to sign up for a Masterclass? Grab your seat now because as you know, our calendar fills up quickly and we have limited spots during our Summer Enrollment. Use code: BusinessSetUp for 10% off. Offer available for the first 30 people only.

Each course is a 3 hour 1 on 1 Zoom Session. Students will receive:

  1. A step by step coaching session with actionable steps to implement into your business right away
  2. A free digital Boss up Masterclass Workbook for your particular class to record all notes between student and instructor
  3. One free 10 minute follow up call by a Tropic Specialist in 2 weeks after your course
  4. Official Certification of Completion Emailed 
  5. Light refreshments, stationary materials, printed and digitized Boss up Masterclass Workbook, hands on direct training and framed Certification of Completion)

Our Mastercourses are designed to give you the tools and knowledge you need to achieve success in your own product-based business. From marketing and sales to finance and leadership, I'll guide you through everything you need to know to scale your business to six figures and beyond.

I've developed each course with your success in mind. I've identified all of the hidden yet crucial topics that I wish I had known before starting my own business. These are the topics that could have saved me thousands of dollars and countless tears. And now, I'm sharing all of my insights and knowledge with you. With my Mastercourses, you'll have the roadmap to success that I wish I had when I was starting out. 

With my proven strategies and years of experience in building successful businesses, I've been able to scale multiple businesses (because I had to test the strategies and make sure they work) to consistent multi six figures and this year we hit 7 figures! Now, I'm sharing all of my knowledge and expertise with you in my comprehensive and interactive online courses. 

Hi I am Shakira,  a trained educator of over 10 years and master skincare formulator specializing in curriculum design, scientific research and business strategizing. Come ready to elevate because you will NOT leave the same way you started after each course. Enroll Here!

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