Tropical Wholesale

Why Tropic Wholesale Essentials?

We make it our mission to provide top-tier selections across all product lines and supplies, ensuring all ingredients areethically sourced , dye free, paraben free, toxic free and nourishing to the largest organ, our SKIN!

Nurturing the earth and gaining inspiration from nature is essential and interwoven into all facets of our brand. Eco-friendliness, ingredient transparency, and pure formulations are a must.

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A Message From Our Founders

Tropical Wholesale Essentials

Growing up in Caribbean households, we were exposed to many natural herbs and supplements to combat ANY ailment. From skin rashes, bad coughs, or bug bites, our parents knew a concoction to mix up for us. We take pride in what goes on the biggest organ of your body: THE SKIN! Our goal is to help our community transition into a holistic lifestyle of chemical free, natural, quality products that affect our overall being.  

- Shakira & Robert James


I make scrubs and wanted to offer some more advanced skincare products. These look beautiful, sells quickly and works for all my customers. They also individually bubble wrap every bottle which is so thoughtful even for my huge orders. Great company to wholesale with.


Honeyyyyyy I could write a novel about how much I love this company!! It literally goes beyond just supporting for me. My customers are in love with the wholesale products just as much as I am with the products for myself. Pricing is perfect, shipping and processing is timely. 

J. Moxley

Every scent I have purchased smells amazing. It is not too heavily fragranced which I like. I also purchased "Pure" and added my own fragrance. Ughhh I love this company!!! 


I used to wholesale from another company, but the quality is nothing compared to this company. Every soap that I have ordered has sold quickly and has received all 5 star reviews on my website. I am so happy with the customer service as well. Forever customer and tropic babe!


Trust me and buy the yoni oil! Excellent price for what it is worth (should cost more because it is the best yoni oil I've ever purchased). Every single one of my customers swear by this product. I love it for myself as well. Made a huge profit.

Tearra G